Our list of things you should definitely do when you are in Amsterdam

1. Concertgebouw.

The concertgebouw (concert building) has about 850,000 visitors each year. When you are in Amsterdam we recommend to visit it. You will not be disappointed.

Best time to visit: check www.concertgebouw.nl for upcoming events.
Costs: Prices vary

2. Amsterdam Beer History from 1400 

Taste the Amsterdam Beer Terrace

Beer used to play a very different role in daily life than today. Until the 18th century young and old, rich and poor people drank a lot of beer. Obviously, wine and water was amongst the alternatives, but for many wine was too expensive and the drinking water was not devoid of danger. The chemical and sterilizing processes which are taking place during the brewing of beer, and thus the removal of present pathogens from the water , were not known. However, it was generally known that drinking beer could save the health. In the morning at breakfast, at work and at lunch or dinner, the table was not complete without a glass or pitcher of beer.


 3. Floating Flower Market

Visit the World’s Only Floating Flower Market

Amsterdam belongs to one of the most famous cities of the world. Monumental buildings, museums, art, hippies, coffeeshops, historians, nice shopping streets, good restaurants, an amazing nightlife and many many more.

The only floating flower market in the world.

The flowermarkt (bloemenmarkt) is open the whole year through. Located in the center of Amsterdam. Flowers are available throughout all the seasons. During the holidays or Christmas, visiting will leave an everlasting impression.
Costs: Free


4.The Vincent Van Gogh Museum

Like many artists, most get their fame after death. Vincent van Gogh is no exception. Located in the South part of Amsterdam, this museum serves as a tribute of Vincent’s life and work. An amazing collection of prints, etchings and paintings.

Open: Every day from 09:00 till 17:00 and Fridays open till 22:00
Costs: €15 euro.


5. Rent a bicycle and take a bike ride In Amsterdam

For a capital city, Amsterdam is relatively small, with many citizens and tourists. This is one of the reasons bicycles are one of the most common and healthy ways to get around. Grab a bicycle map from the VVV (tourist information center) and travel with ease from one location to the other.

Best time to ride: Always, but be carefull in the winter when it’s slippery and during rush hour times.
Costs: about  €6,50 euro a day


6. Walk, Shop and Dine in De Pijp

Unique shops and great restaurants, this and more you will find in “De Pijp”.

Albert Cuyp Market, the Biggest in Amsterdam. A  Must Visit market, also famous for it’s 19th-century architecture.

Best time to visit: in  the afternoon for the Market and evening or Restaurants
Costs: Free


7. Visit the Anne Frank House

More than a million visitors visit The Anne Frank house each year. This is where, during World War II, the family of Anne Frank was forced to live in one small hidden room. She kept also a diary which later became the worlds famous diary.

Best time to visit: Because the draw so many people each year, there are always a lot of people. In the early moring or evening is probably the least crowded time.
Costs:€ 9,50 euro


8. Go to the Leidseplein

A place full of entertainment.  Street preformers, bars, nightclubs, restaurants. During the day, in the evening or at night, this place is real vibrant.

Best time to visit: During the day when you want to shop, in the eventing (when it’s dark) for dining, drinking and parting.
Costs: Free


9. Begijnhof

Historians and Architecture enthusiasts will adore begijnhof. Nice gardens, lovely houses and the famous Begijnhof Kape. in the 14th century this area was a former convent. Nowadays, it rermains an amazing place to visit.

Best time to visit: Open from 08:00 till 17:00
Costs: Free


10. Best Coffeeshop Amsterdam

Amsterdam Coffeeshops are Europeans’ Reason Number One for Tourist Visits!

The Stud Top 4 Best Coffeeshop

Amsterdam’s Most Puffalicious CoffeeShops

Coffeeshop The Stud is wellkown by tourists and locals. Today you can also buy merchandise and souvenirs in The Stud Store. The Stud is located at Molukkenstraat 581 (Amsterdam-Oost) and The Stud Store on 583. In 2015 we have been awarded as „Best Coffeeshop of The Netherlands”

Check our webside for travel information.


11. Oude Kerk

Amsterdams oldest building (the “oude Kerk”) is build in 1306 to honor Saint Nicholas. From here you will have one of the best views in the whole city.

Best time to visit: from monday till saturday from 10:00 till 18:00 (sunday from 01:00 till 17:30)
Costs: €5 euro


12. Visit Amsterdams Zoo (Artis)

With or without kids, you will truly enjoy Artis. Give yourself plenty of time to visit this place. Besides the land animals, Artis also has amazing aquariums, a butterfly house, a planatarium and an insectarium.

Best time to visit: from 09:00 till 17:00/18:00 (check artis.nl)
Costs: €19,95 euro


13. Visit the Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is open to visitors as much as possible . You are welcome to admire the beautiful building and interior. Each visitor will receive a free mobile guide. Look for the opening days in the calendar on page (with reservation) website: paleisamsterdam.nl

Opening hours: 11.00-17.00 From April 1, 2015 : 10.00-17.00
Costs: €10,00 for adults

14. The Heineken Experience; Unforgettable!

The Heineken Experience is located in the original Heineken brewery in Amsterdam. One of the most impressive industrial buildings in the Netherlands. Here’s an interactive tour of the Heineken long history. Until 1988 beer was still brewed here ,now the building provide four floors and 18 attractions for a true Heineken experience.

During the tour…, see , taste , and smell the ingredients and place,  a lifelike ride down through the brewing process. Walk past the stables of horses that used to full containers when dispensing with the Amsterdam cafes. Bottling beer bottle with your own self-created label. And of course there is the opportunity to taste the delicious bright Heineken beer in a genuine Heineken tasting room. In this unique environment, the rich history and tradition of brewing in an unforgettable way to life.

Costs Heineken Experience: €18 , – p.p.

 15. Have a Picnic in Flevopark

The Flevopark is, after the Vondelpark, the most wellknown park in Amsterdam, and certainly worth a visit. Besides the residents of Amsterdam, many tourists also find their way to this park. A place to play, chill, relax and even swim! A hsotel and tennis court is available, and you’re allowed to barbeque here. There’s numerous places within the park where artists may legally place grafitti.

Location: Amsterdam East (behind our Coffeeshop)
Costs: Free

16. Amsterdams Verzetsmuseum (resistance museum)

WORLD WAR  1940 – 1945
From May 1940 to May 1945 , the Netherlands was occupied by Nazi Germany. How did the Dutch live with the increasing oppression? You see, hear and read stories about the extraordinary and the everyday’s life.
The exhibition has been awarded by the Historical Newspaper.

– Atmosphere – 
A backdrop of imitation streets and wall-sized color photographs evokes the atmosphere of the war years. Authentic artifacts, photos and documents , film and audio clips tell the story of people in wartime.

Adults :€8
Youth (age 7-15) : €4.50
Children (age up to 6), visitors with the Amsterdam Holland Pass
(Tulip ticket), Amsterdam card and the Museum Card: free
Adult groups (min. 10 persons): €6.50
Children (7 -15) groups and accompanying adults: €4,00

17. Experience Amsterdam by the Canal Tour

Day Canal Cruise
Experience Amsterdam in a Canal Cruise Trip

With canal Cruise Companies, you can admire the canals of Amsterdam during a one hour lasting cruise, in a luxurious cruiseboat along beautiful imposing canal houses with clock, spout and neck gables, the Zevenbogenbruggengracht canal bridge, the Skinny Bridge over the Amstel, the VOC ship and port.
A round trip to remember!

Costs: €13,00 p.p.

18. Visit the Rembrandt House Museum

‘The Rembrandt House’

Hidden behind an oak door and red shutters is a former merchant’s house, located in the picturesque old center of Amsterdam. Here Rembrandt lived for nearly twenty years of his life and work (from 1639 to 1658).

When Rembrandt in 1639 came to live with his wife Saskia in this house during the height of his fame, he maintained contacts at the highest levels and he was determined not to shy assignments. At this address world-famous paintings ( The Night Watch ) and prints ( The Hundred Guilder Print ) were produced, and housed dozens of 17th -century artists, who received their training from Rembrandt in the large studio on the first floor.

Adults: € 12,50
Childeren(<17): € 4,00

19. Dutch Cuisine and Restaurants

Generally the Dutch enjoy three meals a day. Around six o’clock in the evening they will be serving a hot meal, which traditionally consists of potatoes, vegetables and meat. Dutch culture however, has been influenced by many other cultures over the course of its long and varied history. The outside influences are evident in every kitchen of an average Dutch household. Also, if you go out for lunch or dinner in the Netherlands, there’s a wide choice of types of restaurants and eateries: Indian , Chinese, Surinamese, Turkish, Italian, Mediterranean, and so on . But yes, there are real, typical Dutch kitchens as well. The Dutch have their own typical eating habits, after all… (Starting with the way we eat our herring; raw and by the tail!)

Costs: Variable

20. Get with Nature, go to ‘het Amsterdamse Bos’

The Amsterdam Forest is three times larger than Central Park in New York. Within its borders, over 6 million annual visitors relax, do sports or visit an event. Het Amsterdamse Bos (The Amsterdam Forest) has a great diversity of animals, plants and trees. There are also many natural areas with different characters: a mosaic of wet and dry, forest, grassland, reeds and open water. There’s a Amsterdamse Bos Camping/Hostel as well.

adambos 2
The Boswinkel – Forest Store

Selling from Forest plan, to Frisbee, from exhibition to tour with the ranger(boswachter) .
Happy employees are ready for any questions about the Forest . Admission is free .
The Boswinkel is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00

Costs: Free

21. The Amsterdam Red Light District

One will find it fantastic, others disgusted. The fact remains that the Red Light District is one of the main attractions for tourists. In several streets are prostitutes behind windows; internationally known as the Red Light District. This is due to the red lights that illuminate the windows of the prostitutes. Known clubs such as the Banana, Casa Rosso and Yab Yum are also situated here. In the evening the atmosphere can be a bit darker, but even then  you will find young and old in these streets. You are there within a ten minute walk from the central station.


22. The OBA(Central Library), more than one reason for visit

The Central OBA in Oosterdokseiland is with an area of ​​28,000 square meters the largest library in the Netherlands. The library is open every day from 10:00 to 22:00 (except during some holidays) and can accommodate a half million books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, games and blu-rays. There are more than 1,000 seats and 490 internet computers.

The OBA building

The building, which opened its doors on 7-7-2007, was designed by Jo Coenen. In late 2008, the Central OBA won the award for the most sustainable public building in Amsterdam. The OBA earned high marks when it came to availability, energy, materials, greenery and water & waste. For instance, the building has solar panels on the roof, and in its construction renewable materials were used.


23. The Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam opened in 1885. Commonly called ‘Rijksmuseum’, it is the largest and most important national museum of the Netherlands. It lies between the Stadhouderskade and the Museumplein in Amsterdam South and offers more than 200 rooms filled with a widely ranging overview of Dutch art and history. The collection includes works by 17th-century Dutch masters such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and Hals. The building also houses the Department of Prints. The Rijksmuseum is owned by the State and managed by the RGD.

Costs: Adults: € 17.50,

24. Experience The Local Feel, take a walk in the Jordaan

The Amsterdam Jordaan is undoubtedly the most sung about, described and romanticized town district of the Netherlands. It started as a district for the poor, but today it’s a favorite place for students, artists and young entrepreneurs.

25.Tour The Ajax Club

See The Tour … A unique tour of 1.5 hours with fun tasks and questions. The Amsterdam ArenA is the home of Ajax. Legends like Johan Cruijff and Marco van Basten have played in the Ajax team.

CRAWL IN champion SKIN- More than an hour walk with an enthusiastic guide through the Amsterdam ArenA. You walk along the edge of the field, feel the leather of the viptribune and sees the mixed zone where players are interviewed.

Adults: € 14.50
Kids ( 5 – 12 years): € 9.50

 26. Museum of Bags and Purses

A goat leather pouch from the sixteenth century to the bag of Madonna : Discover the most beautiful bags in Tassenmuseum Amsterdam! The Museum of Bags and Purses, situated in the center of Amsterdam , is a museum that specializes in handbags, purses and suitcases!

Opening hours: Every day from 10:00 to 17:00 hours.
The museum section closes at 16:00.

Adults: € 9.50
Elderly (65+), Stadspas (Citycard) and Students: € 8,-
School Students (13 / 18 years ) and CJP: € 6,-
Friends of the Museum of Bags and Purses, Children (>12), Museumkaart holders, I Amsterdam City Card holders, Holland Pass coupon ‘Tulip’ and ‘Mill’ holders: Free entry

Holland Pass discount card holders: 20% discount

27. Cool off or chill at the Bars of the Beach Blijburg

Blijburg, a temporary beach on the north side of the Harbour Island in IJburg, is one of Amsterdam’s city beaches. The first was opened a few hundred meters from the present site in 2003.

28. Rent and Hop a Vespa

Scooter Riding in Amsterdam is completely crazy! You will be moving comfortable, quick and easy as you discover all the nice places in the city. Scooters lend themselves fine to go places like the beach, to look outside the city, and many other sightseeing possibilities.

Scooter Rent Amsterdam is located in the center of Amsterdam (click here for exact location). Reservations can be made through the reservation form and answers to frequently asked questions can be found here. You can also call for information and / or reservations.

29. Pipe Museum – Collectors and their passion


Collectors and their passion

In the Amsterdam Pipe Museum are numerous private collections housed which was gathered by collectors. They now form the foundation of the museum.

Location: Prinsengracht 488, Amsterdam 1017 KH
Telephone: 020-4211779
Visiting hours: Wednesday to Saturday 12-18 pm
Museum shop opening hours: Monday through Saturday 11-18
(Closed on New Year and Christmas Day 1st)

Adults € 8,-
Children 6 > 18 year: €4,-
Children > 5: Free

 30. Play a Round of GlowGolf

It’s easy to fill your Amsterdam vacation with museums and historic sites, but it’s important to make some time for some of the city’s more abstract fun. GlowGolf Amsterdam offers a three-dimensional, glow in the dark golf experience that will make you think, “Only in Amsterdam.”

Best time to visit: Make it an evening and follow your round of GlowGolf up with a drink at the Noah’s Arq pub above. Avoid busy Friday and Saturday nights.
Costs: $11 for adults

 31. Shop at the Albert Cuyp Market

‘Dapper Market’

dappermarkThe Albert Cuyp Market is the busiest and largest of its kind of Amsterdam, offering everything from herbs and spices to flowers, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, snacks, gadgets and clothing.

Best time to visit: The market is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday.
Visit around lunchtime to take advantage of the cozy nearby eateries.
Costs: Free

 32. Amsterdam Nightlife

Be sure to Enjoy a Night in Amsterdam!

The nightlife of Amsterdam is not easily put into words, and simply has to be experienced. Amsterdam has many clubs, both historical and freshly stamped out of the ground. In one word: UNFORGETTABLE.
Melkweg, Paradiso, Escape, Jimmy Woo.. these are but few of many names stiill mentioned in MTV clips or american movies. And with a good reason. Until the break of dawn; you will have an amazing experience.

The party doesn’t have to end: Night Beer Courier
Call from Hotel, Camping or from Home and order your Nightbeer
Call 06 85 669 957

33. Bike Tour

Amsterdam bike tours brings you Amsterdam, city of bikes, tulips and canals.  The world capital city of biking has become famous all over the world over the past 40 years. Riding on a bike in Amsterdam (and a bike tour in Amsterdam) is normal for locals but might be a big challenge for tourists because the bikes come from everywhere, so pay attention. We offer you three different specialized Amsterdam bike tours that no one else does.


Kosten:   € 37.50 (Coffeeshop Bike Tour)
€ 37.50 (Amsterdam Castle Bike Tour)
€ 52.50 (Johan Cruijff Bike Tour)

34. Nine Little Streets


The 9 Streets are located in the canal, a few minutes walk from Dam Square. Just behind the palace through the Paleisstraat the Gasthuismolensteeg. From the train station, the shortest route follows the Singel to the Mill Hospital. From the Leidseplein, the shortest route follows the Prinsengracht to the Runstraat.

Current information on the accessibility of the 9 Streets by public transport: www.gvb.nl.
Or the website of the Center : http://www.de9straatjes.nl/en/home

35. The Amsterdam Bridges

Amsterdam is home to at least 1680 bridges.  346 of these carry an official name.
The remaining 1334 bridges are yet to be named; waiting to receive one after a famous Amsterdam citizen, or other extraodinary people

 36. Eat Out at the Food Halls

foothallenA unique addition to Amsterdam

The very first “indoor food market” in the Netherlands, where you can enjoy good food and drink on site. The concept is inspired by other ‘indoor food markets” as the Jorgensens in Copenhagen, Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid and the Borough Market in London. This indispensable concept for ‘big city life’ is enjoyed by both locals and tourists, making the location a great one to walk around at, and enjoy different dishes.

Opening hours:
From Sunday to Thursday, all booths open from 11:00 to 23:30.
Friday and Saturday, booths are open from 11:00 until 01:00 .

Reservations are not possible.

Bellamyplein 51

37. Amsterdam Old City Centre on Foot

Stroll through Amsterdam. Discover iconic architecture, visit historic sites or see unique street art. If you go for a walk in Amsterdam there is plenty to do; One can take a guided walking tour of the Old City Centre to learn about the sights. A number of tour companies offer private, small group or large group tours, so you can choose one that’s perfect for your travel style.

 38. Don´t Forget, Visit Nemo

From young to old: every visitor discovered in NEMO itself the world of science and technology. NEMO is the largest science center in the Netherlands and is there for anyone who has a curious nature. Research five floors of exhibits, experiments, demonstrations and workshops.

Opening times:
NEMO is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10: 00-17 : 30. From 1 April to 30 August and the short school NEMO is also open on Mondays .

A visit to NEMO costs € 15.00 per person . There are discounts for multiple passes. The relevant one must then be shown at the checkout.

Children from 4 years: €15.00
Amsterdam City Pass , CJP pass, Student : €7.50
Children under 3 years, I Amsterdam City Card holders, Museum card holders, accompany disabled & Autipas: free

39. The “tropenmuseum”

The “Tropenmuseum” (Museum of the tropics) was founded in 1864 as the ‘Colonial Museum’. It’s a dutch ethnographic museum locatted at the Linnaesstraat in Amsterdam. A large collection of ethnographical artifacts from tropical and subtropical areas of the world rests here, mostly coming from former dutch colonies. Until 2014, the ‘tropenmuseum’ was part of the Royal Institute of the Tropics, also known to the dutch as ‘het tropeninstituut’ (KIT).

 40. Visit Madame Tussauds

The hottest tourist attraction for famous waxworks in Amsterdam, London, New York, Washington, Las Vegas…

Madame Tussauds is open every day from 10:00 to 19:00 ( reception closes at 18:00 ) except King’s Day (27 April 2015) and some private events.

After closing the ticket shop is open until 20:30 (unless the attraction is still open).
Visit the website for more Info

41. A cannabis tour

Amsterdam and coffeeshops goes hand in hand. For a lot foreigners, Amsterdam is more familiar than the Netherlands. Amsterdam is well known for the tullips, Heineken and Ajax, but also because of the many many coffeeshops. This is simply a part of their history. It’s really fun to take the cannabis tour. This can be as a complete group or individual. You’ll get informed about the history of decriminalization, where do the celebrities go,  who are the Highlife Cup winners, see a real life weed garden, and much more for an unforgettable experience.

There are different ways to book a tour. Walking, Bicycle and by boat.

Visit http://www.coffeeshoptouramsterdam.nl for more information

Costs: 36,95 for a walking tour or with a bike, 400,- for a tour by boat