The Stud was founded in 1982 in Amsterdam East, one of the most popular neighbourhoods of Amsterdam.

The neighbourhood has many different cultures and also get well visited by tourists.

The Stud is a small but unique and one of a kind shop with a large clientele.
The Stud has over the years become a wellknown name in ‘our’ neighbourhood.
The atmosphere is open and friendly.

A Solid base with a good cup of coffee and always with someone there up for a chat. In addition, you can read a magazine or use the internet.

Legal i.d. is obviously required and there is a minimum age of 18.
if you meet these requirements, our staff will be happy to be of service.

Finally, the customer is king as long as he behave as such.
Enjoy the site and see you soon.

The Stud was first started as a “Dog club”in the 70s.

A tight group of friends are the pioneers of one of the most popular shops in Amsterdam East. The old logo with Pitbull on the front clearly indicated that it was a ‘Dog Club’, but it was of course a coffee shop. When an police officer entered at that time, the stock was always hidden in a pipe of a gas heater.

They never checked this place, because a gas stove was quite dangerous to investigate. As soon as the police officer went out the door again, it was just an ordinary coffee shop. Back in the days the shop had a more homely “living room experience” character.

We became officially a coffeeshop in 1982. the Brown logo was there until 1991, then we got the new Black and Blue logo with the bull.

The Stud was traditionally near Camping Zeeburg, and many tourists found the way to our coffee shop. The combination of locals and tourists is what makes the atmosphere at The Stud always pleasant and jovial.

The move to our new home on Molukkenstraat 581 was a success! Naturally, everyone is welcome here as long as they have a valid ID on their person.

After the move, we shifted our focus to the Internet – especially social media. We can proudly say that we were listed in major American magazine “Paste Magazine’s” top 4 “Most puffalicious Coffeeshops” and we were awarded the title “Best Coffeeshop in the Netherlands” in 2015.

In 2016 , we started a clothing/merchandise shop alongside our shop. Here we sell The Stud clothing as well as the new trendy brand Indica.


  • Don’t trade in stolen goods
  • Don’t  trade in Hard Drugs
  • No aggressive behavior
  • No Weapons
  • No entry under 18 years
  • Smokes strictly for personal use
  • Double Parked clients can not be helped
  • Smoking is only allowed in the smoking area
  • Don’t hang around the coffee shop
  • Don’t cause disturbance
  • Think of our neighbors

John and Jelmer stand outside every day to guide traffic and to prevent congestion. Officially they are traffic controllers, however their duties are so much more than that. They are also social workers, enforcers, educational staff, sweepers and neighbourhood mediators.

They take all possible measures to maintain the safety of staff and customers and keep an eye on things so the streets are free of litter and trouble. Should a guest show unacceptable behaviour, they engage with the individual in question. Both gentlemen have good standing in the community. They work until 1:00 AM to ensure the neighbourhood does not experiences any issues of any kind. They simply carry out a social control and are an asset to our team.